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National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day

The challenges, struggles and triumphs of older LGBT adults will be commemorated on Wednesday, May 16 during National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day. The day of recognition will pay tribute to the sacrifices and successes of LGBT older adults and thank them … Continue reading »

What Star Wars Means to Me

My Father, Dad, had three loves movies, sports and frugality. During the warmer months, we would go to the drive-in movies. One of his favorites was Shankweiler’s where I remember watching “Bambi” and my first memory of that theater was … Continue reading »

Suggestions To Fix The US Government

The largest piece of tax anyone should pay is the “Local Tax”, then “State Tax” and final “Federal Tax”. It is not the current system. Currently the “Federal” taxes and various federal agencies decide how much “State” and “Local” is … Continue reading »

Top U.S. Smartphone Apps for May 2017

comScore, Inc. recently released data from comScore Mobile Metrix®, reporting the top smartphone apps in the U.S. by audience reach for May 2017. Top 15 Apps % Reach iOS Android Amazon 1 Facebook 75.7% 2 Facebook Messenger 67.5% 3 YouTube … Continue reading »

Friday Fan Fiction :: Star Wars

Sometimes it’s not enough and fanfiction fills the void.  Shadows of the Future by stormqueen873 ObiWan lost the duel on Mustafar, but instead of dying, he finds himself on a ship leaving Tatooine, with his old Master and a familiar young … Continue reading »

Meditate on a Motorcycle?

New Book Shows How to Turn Your Carbon Footprint into Enlightenment and Inner Peace Most people seek inner peace through quiet meditation and reflection. A new self-help book has a different take: Meditation by Motorcycle© shows readers how to achieve … Continue reading »

Taylor Grey’s Debut Album “Space Case”

Taylor Grey’s Debut Album “Space Case” Tour with Jacob Whitesides Underway Rising pop sensation Taylor Grey has released her highly anticipated debut album Space Case. The album is executive produced by the award winning, Josh Abraham (Justin Bieber, P!nk, Kelly … Continue reading »

What Do You Wear to Work?

Is What You Wear To Work Up To [Dress] Code? More Than Half of Employees Prefer Casual Attire Many Unsure of What’s Appropriate for the Office Casual dress codes may cause clothing confusion for many professionals, new research from staffing … Continue reading »

Nature Photography Day

  June 15 is Nature Photography Day. The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) created the day in 2006 as a way to encourage people to learn and enjoy capturing the beauty of nature through their cameras. Nature photography is … Continue reading »