14 Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

The 14 Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

  1. They are visionaries. They see well beyond what’s happening today, and they seek to impact the future.
  2. They have passion. There’s a fire within them that allows them to confidently say, “This is what I’m meant to do, and I am going to see it through.” Passion keeps them focused on the end goal.
  3. They know their “Why”. They understand that without a purpose (their “Why”) their work and accomplishments won’t seem fulfilling. Successful entrepreneurs know and fully embrace their own root motivation behind their goals.
  4. They network. They establish relationships with people who can help them build their network and net worth. They find people who believe in them, can help them reach their goals, and can connect them with the right people.
  5. They have a support team. They rally a group of qualified people who can help them overcome their weaknesses by implementing tasks that are beyond their understanding or ability.
  6. They invest in themselves. They are always learning new skills to help grow their companies, to maintain a competitive edge, and to stay current on industry developments.
  7. They believe in their ability to succeed. They know that self doubt is their worst enemy. They live by the words of Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics: “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right.”
  8. They’re committed. Commitment is a key element in achieving success and in making goals a reality – even during the toughest challenges.
  9. They have a plan. A success plan guides them step by step, and provides the direction and foresight needed to best achieve their vision. They use this blueprint to build a solid foundation on which to grow their business.
  10. They consistently take action. Successful people don’t procrastinate. They constantly move toward achieving their goals.
  11. They are not easily discouraged. When things don’t work out as planned, or when challenges appear, these people persevere. They don’t quit when the going gets tough.
  12. They surround themselves with successful people. They know that they need to think, act, and react like those who have succeeded despite challenges.
  13. They’re flexible. They know that the road to success is not straight, and that there may be detours. They’re always learning what works and what doesn’t, and altering their route accordingly.
  14. They’re always improving their leadership skills. Even small business owners with no employees can empower freelancers and independent contractors to solve problems in innovative ways.

Many men and women who punch the daily 9 to 5 clock feel their work has little meaning. They often feel they’re not recognized for their work, and that they lack the power to succeed in their careers.

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