3 Out of 4 Women Never Had a Career Conversation on Developing Leadership Skills

Women, We Have a Problem: Why It’s Time for Employers to Get Talking

Right Management Provides Practical Steps for Employers to Accelerate Progress to Gender Parity, Starting With Effective Career Conversations

Women are disproportionately impacted by a lack of Career Conversations, according to a report released today from Right Management, part of ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN).

Only one in four has had a Career Conversation with their manager on how to develop leadership skills, at a time when progress towards gender parity has stalled and some say it could be as long as 17 years away.

Women, We Have a Problem” presents new research and practical steps to help employers achieve gender parity starting with the easiest and most cost effective step of all: Career Conversations.

Download the full report :: Women, We Have a Problem: Why It’s Time for Employers to Get Talking

Employers need to invest in career conversations to develop and retain women and ensure they have the skills needed to take advantage in shifts in industries and jobs so they are not left behind.” said Mara Swan, Executive Vice President, Global Strategy & Talent, ManpowerGroup and Global Brand Lead for Right Management. “While we cannot slow the rate of technological advance, we can invest in employees’ skills to increase the relevance and resilience of our people and organizations, regardless of gender or social background. Fortunately, men don’t own the corner on learnability. It’s up to both employers and individuals to nurture learnability and upskill.”

For more information :: Right Management’s Career Conversations

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