A Modern Line of Luxury Parasols

Luxury Umbrella Company Presents a Modern Parasol Offering a Stylish Way to Shade Yourself.

Le Parasol is a luxury umbrella brand that creates parasols used to provide protection and shade from the sun. The new company introduces a wide array of exquisite quality parasols that are worth their price tag.

The driving force behind the company is the talented duo of Anna Hess and her daughter, Jessica Hess, both of whom work as a team having ventured into the industry last year. After receiving a great deal of positive feedback while wearing the umbrellas they decided to create their own company, Le Parasol.

Over the last several months the Le Parasol team has been hand-crafting their innovative parasols for the upcoming company launch. Their umbrellas are exclusively designed to protect individuals from harmful sun damage and effectively provide shade from the sun.


During an interview, Jessica further explained that each of the brand’s umbrellas follows an intricate process of design. “Each of our umbrellas is hand stitched and one of a kind,” explained the parasol designer. “You will never see another person with the same parasol as you.”

The company is based out of Delray Beach, Florida, the design team make frequent trips to purchase high end materials from New York City. This attention to detail positions the brand to cater to the elite and become a luxury choice in solar protection.

“We found our passion and are excited to share it with the world.” explained Anna Hess, the Founder of Le Parasol. “We visit New York City often, where we source all of our fabrics, trims and embellishments. Then we carefully design each parasol to complete perfection. Our umbrellas will help protect you from the sun and make a fashion statement. “

These high end umbrellas provide a sense of luxury to all of those who use them. Parasols start at $375. To find out more information, visit the brands website at Le Parasol Umbrellas.

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