Accessing British Television From Anywhere

Are you sick and tired of the BBC America’s abridged/edited/censored versions of selected BBC programming. Would you like to have access to all television programming in the UK? Have you been patiently waiting for the BBC International iPlayer. What does BBC have to say about an international version?

BBC Worldwide is working on an international version, which we will make available as soon as possible.

Did you know that UK will have their own site with orginal programming from ITV, Channel 4 and other stations?  But only those in the UK. These station streaming sites are for those with a specific IP address.

The BBC iPlayer requires a UK ip address, which can only be gotten via a UK ISP, which is hard to find cheap. The BBC uses Geo-IP technology to identify where you are based on the location of your internet service provider (ISP). This ensures that only internet users in the UK can enjoy programmes on BBC iPlayer.

What is Geo-IP technology and how to get around it? Basically Geo-IP technology looks at your IP address and if it is not coming from the UK, then you can’t have access. So, just change your IP address. How? With a UK VPN (virtual private network).

Lets be honest, I would be willing to pay $15/month to have access to the BBC iplayer with all the content intact. But, I can’t wait a whole year to get another abridged 40 minute “Doctor Who” in The States  when the full 1:11 “Doctor Who” episode is available via iPlayer.

I pay $10/month with VPN Gates, which allows us to download BBC content, watch BBC iplayer, listen to radio and read the news before the US censors. I have access to all the UK sites and online content.

This is not just about BBC iPlayer – this also gives you access to Channel 4, SeeSaw and much much more.  This also give you access to full content to MLB.TV, NFL and other blocked content to those within the US.  It is not fair that US citizens pay taxes for stadiums and sport events but are blacked out of content to which other do have full access.

UK Want Hulu?

VPN Gates also give anyone access to an IP address in the United States.  Which will open up content to all those Original Programming that is delayed. VPN Gates will allow anyone to watch specific stations including Hulu, ABC, Discovery and other online content.

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