Clean and Maintain Your Home Like an IT Professional

More and more professional are staying home due to cutbacks, layoffs or if they are lucky telecommuting.  It is a hard adjustment to become a “Home Project Manager” or “Domestic Engineer”.  The best advice I have ever received is from my Mom, “Treat your house like your computers and network”.

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House Management Like an IT Department

Daily Morning Cache Dump

☐ Make Coffee / Tea
☐ Feed Humans
☐ Feed Pets, if any
☐ Collect dishes from around the house
☐ Wash dishes or load dishwasher
☐ Clean Counters
☐ Wipe tables
☐ Sweep/Vacume floors in high traffic areas
☐ Walk pets, if any 30-45 mins

Monthly Requirements

☐ Flip mattresses
☐ Take inventory of all major every day needs (toilet paper, drinks, spices)
☐ Going over bills and Budget
☐ Prepare Budget for next month

Yearly Projects

☐ Spring Clean (One room gets a full clean every week – this is done with entire household and pets get boarded for the day)
☐ Prepare for Winter (Take one day to make sure blankets are clean, all summer clothes put away, bring out winter clothing and dry clean coats)
☐ Taxes
☐ Create vacation goals

Weekly Technical Needs

Print Weekly IT Home Management Sheet

Monday Memory Upgrade


Tuesday Torrent Download


Wednesday Windows Blue Screen Dump


Thursday Trojan and Anti-Virus Scan


Friday Flash Upgrade


Saturday Smiley

Sunday SAC Single Attachment Concentrator

☐ Take out the trash

☐ Do your food shopping and make all your meals for the week.

☐ Prepare for eighteen (18) meals for the week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

☐ 6 Breakfast
☐ 6 Lunches
☐ 6 Dinners

☐ Make two (two) desserts for the week. 

☐ What ever you have left over from shopping the day before store it away.This can take time.  You need to freeze food properly, which you can find on the internet easily.

☐ Check budget and pay any bills that need to be paid within the next 7 days. 

☐ Laundry Day☐ Lawn work, if needed.  ☐ Clean BathroomsThis includes

☐ New Towels
☐ Clean Tub
☐ Clean Sink
☐ Clean Bowl

☐ New Sheets 

☐ Dust, Vacuum, and do a “once over” in all the roomsOnce over includes putting things away, empty trash bins, and organize room

You are under control.  Which means you can take a day off.


☐ Prepare for 2 (two) meals for Monday (breakfast & lunch)☐ Pick out five (5) outfits for the week (see uniforms)

Encourage your domestic partner/spouse to pick out their five (5) work outfits.

Nothing makes daily life so easy if you and the other adult in your life have what you need to start the day.  What I hate is running around for a specific shirt, socks or even clean underwear.  Get the M-F outfits squared away and you are good to go. 


When you go to work you put on specific clothes, even it is a techie cubical job.  So why not do the same for your position at home.  I personally have specific shorts and t-shirts that I put on when I start my day.  It is easy to just stay in your PJ’s, especially for just simple stuff. But I found that if I change into “work clothes” my head is prepared for the day. Also, after my chores are competed I change into my comfy clothes just like I was coming home my office job.  Now I can relax and know my day is completed.

Entertain Yourself

Make sure you have a laptop, netbook, or internet device with you at all times.  Even going from room to room it is nice to have the right entertainment. Personally I watch (Justin.TV, MLB or Hulu) or listen (NPR, Cnet Podcasts) while I work with my Nokia N810 or Netbook – it all depends on what task is at hand.

Bluetooth earpiece.  That way your hands will be free and one ear will catch the phone or doorbell.

Why not a TV or Stereo System?

A television and stereo system are set in a specific location.  You have to go back to the room to catch specific moments.  You need to bring your entertainment with you, even into the bathrooms.

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing laughter and rushing back into the specific room to catch the action.

It is also a pain when you are doing something but the noise of the task out volumes your entertainment.

Daily Suggestions

  • Don’t Jump In – When I was a full participant in cubical life I never just started the day.  I read my email, write on my blog, talk to friends or do something creative just for you.
  • Set a Time – Start your day at a good time to achieve everything you want.  If the time is 9:30 am and you are still blogging, stop and come back to it when the task is completed.
  • A Rut Is Good – Yes, things get boring. Yes, you will be doing the exact same thing every week, month and year.  It makes all the weekends and time off worthwhile.  It is the same way with cubical life and it is no different managing a home.
  • Projects To Make Your Job Easier – Build a more efficient home one project at a time.

  • Make a space – Make sure you have two home offices or workshops. You and your spouse/significant other need a space to call your own.

Final Thoughts

  • Make it your own.
  • Take Pride.
  • Make it Efficient.
  • Do it with Technology.