Club Zen & Don’t Get Eated: The T.C. Petty Experience

Don’t Get Eated

Don’t Get Eated is a social game of survival of the fittest. Players take on the roles of totally cute animals that are tired of the boring life on the farm and want to escape into the world. The only problem is, the world is a dangerous place! In the game, players will work together and against each other to survive in the wilds. Failure to meet the challenge presented each round results in a vicious attack, until only one animal remains standing.

Don’t Get Eated is for 5 to 9 players and takes about 30 minutes to play, featuring art by Kwanchai Moriya. Inside the box you’ll find 99 Animal cards (9 different animals, 11 cards each), 12 Threat cards, a punchboard Wheel of Doom with plastic spinner, and punchboard Point and Bite tokens. Don’t Get Eated will come in the Dice Hate Me Games “Monkey”-sized box – the same size as Bottom of the 9th and The Great Heartland Hauling Co. What’s this crazy talk? Take a look here for more information on our box sizes and game categories!

Club Zen

East meets West in Club Zen, a relaxing worker placement game where the goal is to plan out your seven-day working vacation in the most Zen way possible. Manage your work and emotional stress, make new friends, attend exciting events such as Hang-Gliding or Rock Climbing, collect stones for your personal Zen Garden, or take a nap! How will you spend your time at the 5-star resort, Club Zen? The most relaxed or “zen” player at the end of their one week stay will be the winner.

Club Zen is for 3 to 5 players and takes about 90 minutes to play, featuring art by Adam Rebottaro. We can get that down to 2 players if we fund high enough; check out the stretch goals below!


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