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Contact Your Congressional Member With Retro Technology


Question: How does the congressional member handle the influx of constituents calling in for their opinion on legislative bill?
Answer: The congressional office turn off their phones or switchboard.

We all have spare time in our days to make phone calls to Capitol Hill in DC. When constituents who want to voice their opinion to those who represent them might their opinions are not welcomed.

The congressional member is telling, the people they represent, “Your opinion is irrelevant” – which unacceptable in a Republic, as the people voices are essential for governing.

What Options Remain for Concerned Constituents?

  1. Snail Mail – Get out your pen and paper and write, type or crayon a letter to your congressional member.
    NOTE: The only issue is the letter might not get there before the vote or schedule discussion
  2. Road Trip – Driving to DC and making an appointment with your Congressional Member.
    NOTE: Rumors on Capitol Hill say that those visiting will be handed over to an office staff member or even an intern.
  3. Fax – That wonderful retro technology of sending a fax.

Don’t worry. Technology has eliminated that annoying “pshkkkrrrkakkakingkgtshchchccch” sound by faxing online and free.

Free Faxing Online to Congress

  • Fax to DC – A grassroots movement to bypass members of congress blocking phone lines. “Mail is slow, email is ignored, but a fax is quick, physical and easy” – Grassroots lobbying is the key to political change.
  • Fax Zero – This handy service is one click away from sending to your Congressional Member.
  • Free Fax – Send faxes online to the United States, that contains an advertisement of the a company.
  • Send a Free Fax – Send a fax for free.
  • Free Fax – Send Free Fax Online.



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