Five Reasons to Wear Diabetic Shoes

  1. Diabetic shoe are extra depth and cushioning.
  2. Diabetic shoe liners prevent calluses, blisters and ulcers.
  3. Diabetic shoes are made to be supportive to prevent tired feet.
  4. Diabetic shoes have laces or Velcro – so they safely stay on.
  5. Diabetic shoes can be customized to prevent pain in problem areas.

Whether you have diabetes, edema, bunions, hammertoes, deformed toes, or pain on the top of the foot; diabetic shoes can provide the perfect combination of protection, comfort, and flexibility.

The most common foot complications, for those with diabetes, suffer are foot ulcers and calluses. These are usually caused by shoes that constrict, rub, or pinch. The loose, flexible fit of all diabetic shoes, as well as special features such as built-in foam padding and cushioned footbeds make diabetic shoes particularly beneficial for diabetic feet.

via Dr. J. L. Flo DPM CWSP

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