Foot Health for High School Bowlers


High School BowlingMost athletes consider bowling an injury-free sport, but injuries do occur. Stress and strain on the feet can lead to problems throughout the body. With each throw in bowling is the main cause for added pressure on your feet and it can cause injury if done improperly.

Many young athletes don’t realize the importance of a quality, comfortable and supportive bowling shoe.  Ankle and arch support are more important in a sport that demands balance and foot movement.

Arch support is critical in bowling, which is why most professional bowlers play with custom orthotics in their bowling shoes.

Five Reason Bowlers Should have Orthotics:

  • Wearing a good set of bowling insoles will provide shock absorption,
  • Prevent fatigue and improve the bowler’s foot comfort.
  • Improve a bowler’s coordination which can improve their approach and their scores.
  • The foot’s arch will be supported and take pressure off the joints.
  • Comfortable with will help keep the athlete injury free.

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