Free Checklist :: Buying Work Boots


Wear the socks that you will wear on the job.
Make sure that the laces are snug and keep your foot comfortably in place. Laces should prevent your foot from sliding forward.
Are the insole removable? Workers who are on their feet all day should invest in high quality inserts. Pull out that thin insole and put in the custom orthotics.
Make sure that the boots flex at the ball of your foot and not bend at the arch.
The boots should give you strong ankle support.
If you work outside, don’t skimp on the height.
Feet will swell at the end of the day therefore try on new boots at the end of your workday.
Quality comfortable work boots will have leather or high quality textile linings that last for years. Cheaper material can tear and rub against your foot, causing blisters.
Taller boot are better for linesmen and for protection in cold weather.
Waterproof boots will help keep your feet dry.
Always spray extra layers with waterproofing spray for added attention..
Insulated boots are a must for outdoor use.
Welted and stitchdown boots are built to last and can be resoled many times.
Work boots that have nylon or fiberglass shanks instead of steel shanks you’ll be in your way to preventing the transition of low temperatures to your feet, by keeping them warm and comfortable surrounded by non-metallic materials.



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