Frugal Tip :: Getting Organized With Cardboard

Cardboard is not only the easiest item to get a hold of without dumpster diving but it is much easier working with than MDF or actual wood. Making a project of cardboard is a great way to build something and have templates that can transfer to sturdier material. So there are my favorite frugal projects to get organized.

Cardboard Desk Organizer :: Have any cardboard that needs recycling? Here is your opportunity to bust out your creative side! Avoid clutter with a simple, unique, eco-friendly desktop.

Cardboard Can Dispenser :: The purpose of this project is to construct a low-cost can-organizer system out of cardboard in order to make efficient use of the limited space in my pantry and facilitate a first-in, first-out (FIFO) rotation schedule for canned goods with an expiration date.

Before you start you need to understand is that this project is a combination of both origami and geometry. You need to have a plan and your customized plan is ultimately determined by two things: the size of the canned goods you wish to store and the space available in your pantry.

Honeycomb Cardboard :: This instructable is sleek and ultra modern. Holds CDs, games and study enough for a small library.

Cardboard Sloped Organizer :: With this organizer box, you can keep your shelves tidy by putting groups of similar items together and be able to find them when you need them.  Having similar items together in one box is very handy when baking, simply pull out the whole box that contains all the normal baking necessities, flour, sugar, baking powder, etc. and then put them all back at once, when finished.

Cardboard Desk Tray :: Keep your desk organised with this neat (in more ways than one) desk tray. This simple creation made from up-cycled cardboard is designed so you can create, stack and join as many trays on top of each other as you like.