Frugal Tip :: Make it From Cardboard

Cardboard is not only the easiest item to get a hold of without dumpster diving but it is much easier working with than MDF or actual wood. Making a project of cardboard is a great way to build something and have templates that can transfer to sturdier material. So there are my favorite frugal projects to get organized.

Side Table – The internal structure makes the furniture sturdy and durable. Different techniques can be used to make a cardboard furniture: the honeycomb technique, the “stacking or layering” technique or the “folding” technique.
Desk Lamp – Cardboard might seem like an odd material for a desk lamp, but with a low-heat LED bulb this 15″ lamp can shine all night in glorious maker style. It’s light, it’s sturdy and it’s flat-pack. What’s not to love?
Cardboard Tablet Case With Handle – This instructable is a simple DIY cardboard tablet case (for a Kindle). Holly wanted to make something that would really protect the Kindle – since her son likes to carry it around everywhere… and they’ve both dropped it too many times! You can use the same concept or ideas here to make a case for your tablet – iPad or device!
A “Ring Clock”– Rotating numerals instead of rotating hands might be a good hack, but I need to add something in additional to that. Finally, I have decided to make three rings on which Hours, Minutes and Seconds are written separately and also to add some lights for the nights. To read the time, the clock is also provided with a pointer at the top.
Wallet – This is an easy project … how to make a billfold out of cardboard.