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HealthTap is the world’s first Global Health Practice
Providing 24/7 immediate access to over 107,000 top doctors via video, text, or voice

300x250 HealthTapTalk with a top doctor or your personal physician using our Virtual Consult experience via high-definition video, voice, or text. Get help anywhere, 24/7, via the web or your mobile device, securely and privately. Share photos or test results, and get immediate answers, treatment, and referrals to help you feel good!

It’s all about you – Imagine having a highly experienced, smiling, caring, and kind physician to turn to any time you had a personal question about health—your own, or a loved member of your family.

It’s immediate – Imagine being able to do that whether you are in the kitchen, on the playground, or at work—by video, phone, or message, depending on whatever is most convenient.

It’s high quality and transparent – Imagine being able to see the credentials, education, awards, and reviews of every doctor so you can judge the quality of what you are getting.

It’s affordable – And imagine all this at a cost that is reasonable.

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Immediate access to a compassionate doctor in a consult experience that will delight you

You get unlimited Virtual Consults, 24/7, from anywhere in the world—on-demand access to doctors who will delight you with their caring, knowledge, and expertise.


Personalized medicine just for you!

Actionable health checklists personalized for you by a doctor. Fresh, delightful TipTaps selected just for you. You will have access to all the news and research tailored to your special interests.


Health information you can genuinely trust

Unlimited access to one of the leading health knowledgebases in the world, the only one created completely by leading doctors themselves. If you ever have a health question? HealthTap it!


Prioritized response to your questions

Doctors will prioritize answering your questions. And you can ask longer and more detailed questions through our anonymous Q&A service in cases where you want your question to be completely confidential.

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  • Delightfully clear communication – Our doctor speaks clearly, using precise but ordinary language so you understand everything that is said.
  • True collaborative partnership – Our doctor involves you in the creation of your personalized care plan.
  • Trusted, compassionate, and courteous care – Our doctors have decades of hands-on experience, knowledge, and expertise. They are also kind and caring, and will patiently listen to your questions and concerns with a compassionate smile.
  • Your choice of type of consult – You are offered the option of a high-definition video, audio, or text message exchange with unlimited documents, photos, or video attachments.
  • Absolute security and privacy – HealthTap uses the same 128-bit encryption and physical security that the most secure banks use. All of your Personal Health Information will be stored in a secure HIPAA-compliant environment.
  • Easily portable and printable digital report of your session – You get an official report for each consult that you can print or store for your records, or give to your primary care physician.

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