Hiking Footwear Overview :: The Hiking Sandal

Hiking Sandal

Do Wear Hiking Sandals

  • thumb upIf you are hiking in a dry climate and on well-established paths that don’t have a lot of rocks.
  • If you are hiking one-hour to one-day hikes and you are carrying a light day pack.
  • If you are looking for a good shoe to wear around a campsite or during calmer portions of a trail.
  • If you want to keep your feet cool as they are ventilated.
  • If you are crossing a stream as they are a quick drying shoe.
  • If you are looking for a better alternative to flip-flops as most hiking sandals come with great arch support, shock resistance, adjustable straps and toe protection.

Don’t Wear Hiking Sandals

  • thumb downIf you need or want ankle support.
  • If you hiking in rough terrain.
  • If you hike off trail.
  • If you hike more than one day.
  • If you carry a heavy backpack.
  • If you are hike in an area with snakes, insect, ticks and other small animals. Wearing boots you can tuck your pant legs into the boots to prevent unwelcome visitors.

Via Dr. Jennifer L Flo

2 thoughts on “Hiking Footwear Overview :: The Hiking Sandal

  1. Very informative Jenn but you didn’t mention hiking boots. My hiking partner told me I needed boots, what do you recommend? I have diabetic neuropathy to mid calf and have issues with weak ankles. Your professional opinion needed before I spend a fortune. Aunt Di’ana

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