I Was Raised To Be A Bigot


My mother raised me to be a submissive, uneducated, ignorant, bigoted female.

  • I was not allowed to have friends, unless they held the same doctrinal beliefs.
  • My mother and her friends openly condemned those who did not have our beliefs. They taught me verbally and by example to be the same way.
  • I was not allowed to befriend anyone unless they followed our doctrine 100%. If I attempted to make friends or socialize anyone who was not of the religion I was openly warned and chastised.
  • If there was a hint or perception of improper/unacceptable behavior (whether it was true or not) I was shunned and punished.
  • I was raised to be a second class citizen and that my decision power did not exist. Because men are in charge of my life and all my life decisions.
  • I was not allowed to participate in cultural and local celebrations. If I did, I would be severely punished.

For the record: I was born in the United States of two white parents who also born in the United States. My parents divorced before I turned one-year-old.

My mother remarried. She and her new husband converted to Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was under five. From an early age I was raised to condemn and judge everyone except other Jehovah’s Witnesses. My mother stopped celebrating birthdays, Christmas and other holidays.

Then I became an adult, went to college and lived my life.

I did not want to belong to a society that had one-fit-all expectation. I no longer wanted to belong to a culture that demanded or made requirements for participation or acceptance. There was a huge price to pay to leave Jehovah Witnesses.

I left.

I am shunned by every Jehovah’s Witness including my mother (who for the sake of transparency is on her fourth marriage).

Now we have a Trump Administration, endorsed by the KKK, which will have an agenda for women. LGBTQ citizens and all minorities.

The Trump Administration want to establish rules of conduct for every non-white male individual, have dominance over women’s right to their own medical choices, under the guise of “national security” require Muslim-Americans to register in a database and advocates for the controversial “stop-and-frisk”.

The Republicans will have control in the White House, Supreme Court, Senate and House. But there is something lurking … Waiting to pounce on the shoulders of public policy … Religion.

Not faith, religion.

Trump has given new life to the alt-right base of white supremacists, racists, nativists, anti-Semites and evangelicals.

“”There was only one candidate in this race, one major candidate, who actually asked for the votes of white evangelicals, and that was Donald Trump,” said Michael R. Wear, a faith adviser to President Obama and Christian author. “White evangelicals, with some merit, feel embattled and isolated. He said, ‘I’m the only one who can save you, I’m the one who hears you.’”

The rest of his voters are willing to accept an extremist Trump Administration in exchange for a promise he will deliver something they think they want.

Similar to a game show betting your hopes and dreams on what is behind “Curtain Number Three”.

When I wake up and see the wonderful melting pot of the United State I am a proud to be an American. Ashamed and embarrassed of the election outcome, but still proud to be part of America.

I grew up.

I am no longer a bigot and I celebrate Christmas.

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