Moms Love Beer & Pink Boots Society

A uKeg keeps it fresh, carbonated and ready to pour at bedtime

It’s almost Mother’s Day, and we’re looking out for the moms who love craft beer more than frames and candles. A GrowlerWerks uKeg should be on gift guides far and wide┬áto say “cheers” to mom.

Parents of young children often can’t steal away from home to enjoy craft beer at a favorite brewery; They usually can fill a growler sometime during the week. And if they do that with a uKeg, they can have good pours at home — fresh, cold and carbonated, the way a brewer intended — on their own timelines. Family picnics and kid playdates are better with a uKeg, too.

Grown children owe their moms a toast for a job well done. And since beer and conversation always go hand in hand, a uKeg full of her favorite craft beer allows bonding about the time you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar or while seeking advice about what to do with her cookie-snatching grandkids.

That the uKeg is gorgeous doesn’t hurt either. The pressurized, stainless-steel, vacuum-insulated growler makes people swoon and looks great on every counter and in every fridge. The uKeg gives flowers competition for the ability to brighten a room.

GrowlerWerks in Portland, Ore., knows that beer lovers come in all shapes, sizes and genders. After all, Oregon was the birthplace of the Pink Boots Society, founded by Teri Fahrendorf, a brewer in Eugene. She began a group for women working in the beer industry. In 2008, 35 women voted to make Pink Boots Society a 501(c)(3) open to any woman who made income from some aspect of the beer industry. It now boasts more than 1,100 members.

From coast to coast, women brewers and women enjoying beer are changing the beer landscape. Craft beer’s wide variety and quality workmanship has captured the attention of men and women everywhere.

This Mother’s Day, fill a uKeg with mom’s favorite beer and head to the beach or set up around a dining room table with her family and friends. Make it a Mother’s Day to remember, with fewer candles and frames.

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