Moviola Offers a Year of Film School for $35

Moviola has released Coffee Break Film School, a comprehensive filmmaking course with video lessons delivered in the time it takes to drink a latte. All for an introductory price of $35 for an entire year’s access.

Dubbed, “Film school for those born without an attention span,” the focus is on densely compressed training to get nascent filmmakers from empty slate to working professional in as short a time as possible.

An augmented curriculum with instructor’s guide, texts, and class exercises is available to educators looking to build an entire film program around Coffee Break Film School.

The site is already garnering a lot of attention. “With the speed of how technology and filmmaking have changed over the last 20 years, continuing education is one of the most important parts of filmmaking,” says Barry Andersson, cinematographer and author of The DSLR Filmmaker’s Handbook. “Moviola is one of the best places online to help you do that.”

Each of Coffee Break Film School’s six discrete units (roughly equivalent to school terms) contains courses covering different aspects of screenwriting, lighting, cinematography, grip, editing and color correction, visual effects, and sound.

The film school content is just a part of the training available on Moviola; the unique Visual Glossary of Terms provides animated definitions of cryptic film industry jargon.

The web is full of great training content–it’s just hard to find the good stuff. To that end, the team created the Compendium of Techniques: a curated collection of the best techniques from around the web (in addition to Moviola‘s “home-grown” content) carefully vetted by the team for quality and accuracy.

In an effort to make the content as accessible as possible to aspiring filmmakers, access to the site is free for 14 days, then available via subscription for just $5 per month, or $35 for the entire first year. As the team puts it, “Buy a month for the cost of an overpriced latte. Then watch the lessons in the time it takes to drink one.”

Moviola is a resource dedicated to the art of filmmaking, and only filmmaking. It covers every aspect from preproduction to final delivery. Its Coffee Break Film School focuses on core competencies, while other features like the glossary of terms and compendium provide a visual reference library for understanding specific techniques and industry jargon.

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