New Book :: Demystifying College Admissions

The 2017 college admissions landscape is drastically different than it was just a decade ago. Education costs have skyrocketed and steep tuition and fees leave many graduates in extreme debt. The Institute of College Access and Success reports an average undergraduate borrower has $30,100 in debt. More universities now use waitlists than any other time in history. An “uncollege” movement is growing among some education thought leaders.

To bring clarity to this uncertain environment, Billy Downing, Founder of rapidly growing ESM Prep, an international educational mentorship organization, offers a perspective counter to traditional independent college counselors. Downing and his team works closely with families to find the right-fit college for each individual student, versus seeking brand prestige for a graduate’s resume. They focuses on how to assess the best long-term value for tuition and how to set expectations at the beginning of the convoluted admissions process.

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“Value is crucial in 2017, as the process of obtaining an education and the expectation of getting a high-paying job is not what it once was,” said Downing. “Students today need to pursue a path that will meet their needs and talents, without drowning in debt just to say they went to a certain school.”

Drawing on more than a decade of experience as a college coach and mentor, Downing recently published College Greatness: A Family’s Guide to the Admissions Process. In the book, he unveils information about how students can stand out in today’s crowded college admissions world and still stay true to a path that’s right for them.

Parents often encourage their children to pick schools for prestige or brand recognition, even when such schools may not be the best fit for a student’s personality or strengths. Through College Greatness, Downing aims to get students and parents to approach the process of college admissions in a totally different way.

“This book will give families clarity on the process and how their students can be most competitive,” said Downing.

ESM Prep was founded in 1999 to help students boost academic and life achievements through mentorship and to navigate the college admissions process. The company now offers academic tutoring, standardized test preparation, strategic college counseling and college/career guidance to students worldwide.