New Book: Reveals the Key to Retiring Successfully

The latest book from Scott Hanson, founding principal of Hanson McClain Advisors, identifies how to embrace and implement seven steps important to achieving a dream post-work lifestyle. Dedicated to Hanson’s late mother-in-law, who lived well in retirement, the book helps others find the same success and happiness in their next chapter of life.

At the beginning of Personal Decision Points: 7 Steps to Your Ideal Retirement Transition, (available in paperback or ebook) Hanson answers the first question that everyone asks―How much money do I need to retire? And while many experts suggest retirees replace 70 percent of their pre-retirement income, he says that determining a set number without looking at all circumstances for each individual, is not possible. To answer that question, Hanson walks readers through the personal decision points they need to know to determine how much to save.

Starting with the “R,” retirement income, Hanson goes through each letter of retirement identifying a step for how to make the most out of retirement planning. He uses personal experiences and stories to help the average saver understand what they can do to live the retirement of their dreams.

“Retirement is something we all think about, but other than saving, many of us aren’t sure what other steps need to be taken to prepare,” says Hanson.

Hanson has spent more than 25 years paring down the sometimes complicated process of retirement preparation to seven steps. In the book, Personal Decision Points: 7 Steps to Your Ideal Retirement Transition, he details the process pre-retirees should follow to have a comprehensive approach to planning and goal setting for retirement.

“The people who live well throughout their retirement usually do so because they took the initiative and worked with an expert to create a comprehensive plan,” says Hanson.


Scott Hanson is a nationally recognized CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and has earned the professional designations of Certified Fund Specialist (CFS®) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC). For over 20 years, Hanson has co-hosted Money Matters, a call-in, financial topic radio program and has written several books on financial planning.

Hanson McClain Advisors is an independent investment financial advisory firm that specializes in retirement planning, investment advising, and 401 (k) management with a direct approach to financial planning. Hanson McClain delivers long- and short-term investment planning solutions and advice to help clients achieve their goals and plan strategically for retirement. To learn more about Hanson McClain, visit:

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