New DC Comedy Web Series Tackles Cannabis Culture

“East Coast Grow” to Release Award-Winning Web Series

New web series “East Coast Grow” taps into the unique circumstances surrounding DC’s cannabis culture. As the first East Coast jurisdiction to legalize recreational cannabis use, DC’s policies are heavily influenced by Congressional authority over the city. The series follows the experiences of industry professionals navigating the gray area of the law–like marijuana being a federal crime–as they attempt to build a thriving industry.

“This is an incredible opportunity to show what happens when an underground industry suddenly becomes legitimized, and to explore the real-life challenges that go on behind the scenes in the cannabis industry,” explains writer/director Amy Tasillo.

“I’ve been working in the cannabis industry for over 15 years, and being able to co-create and develop a story that’s so close to my personal experiences is a long-time goal of mine. To do so with my life partner is trichomes on the bud,” adds co-creator/producer Matt Doherty.


DC is a town where ambitious young people have long been gravitating in hopes of elevating themselves through the ranks of power. It is also a town with a unique local culture and history completely separate from politics and business interests. East Coast Grow explores these two worlds through the scope of the city’s new marijuana industry, catalyzed by the medical field and broader legalization. The industry is rooted in its own political fights and entrepreneurial ambitions, the hurdles of which continue to impact how residents and patients benefit from it. And as the first East Coast city to legalize marijuana, the example it sets will likely impact those to follow.

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