Pet Gaming Console


CleverPet introduced their wireless, internet connected robotics console designed to entertain and improve behavior of dogs and cats, and provide real time activity tracking to pet owners.

The CleverPet Hub uses smart hardware to teach dogs and provide mental stimulation through advanced cognitive and behavioral science techniques. The Hub is CleverPet’s first product, and the centerpiece of an extensive learning platform that will turn homes into interactive virtual playgrounds for pets.

The CleverPet Hub entertains and engages dogs through puzzles that combine lights, sounds and touch pads. It rewards furry friends with a bit of their regular food each time a puzzle is solved. The WiFi­connected Hub adapts game complexity and style in real time to match each animal’s unique responses and progress so there’s always something new to learn.


About Us

CleverPet is the first educational computer toy/device/(nothing) for pets. It uses smart hardware to teach companion animals automatically through advanced cognitive and behavioral science techniques. Based in San Diego, CleverPet was founded in 2013 by Leo Trottier (Clever Executive Officer) and Dan Knudsen, PhD (Clever Science Officer, Clever Technology Officer). In 2014, the CleverPet team launched a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $180,000 for the company’s core product, the CleverPet Hub. The WiFi­connected Hub offers automatic, adaptive engagement for busy, happy dogs ­­ whether their humans are home or not.