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One day Louise Scollay wrote a blog post on a local yarn and she was a bit ashamed to discover that almost all of my stash was imported wool.

Quickly she cobbled together the idea to try and knit with as much UK produced yarn as possible, wool grown, spun or dyed in this country and as many British breeds as possible…and not  just sheep! There is a wealth of other British grown and dyed fibre such as alpaca, mohair, cashmere, angora, llama…(actually yet to find British llama, do you know any?)

The aim was to knit, review and blog on the subject all year and most importantly promote as many UK producers as possible. There is such a huge local resource out there –  a wealth of wool.

After the first year Louise was off and running and now there is also the KnitBritish podcast, a Ravelry group, Twitter and an Instagram accounts.

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KnitBritish By Louise Scollay


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