Rupaul Drag Race Season 8 Resources

Meet The Queens

Contestant Name Hometown
Acid Betty Jamin Ruhren Brooklyn, NY
Bob The Drag Queen Christopher Caldwell New York, NY
Chi Chi DeVayne Zavion Davenport Shreveport, LA
Cynthia Lee Fontaine Carlos Hernandez Austin, TX
Dax ExclamationPoint Dax Martin Savannah, GA
Derrick Barry Derrick Barry Las Vegas, NV
Kim Chi Sang-young Shin Chicago, IL
Laila McQueen Tyler Devlin Gloucester, MA
Naomi Smalls Davis Heppenstall Redlands, CA
Naysha Lopez Fabian Rodriguez Chicago, IL
Robbie Turner Jeremy Baird Seattle, WA
Thorgy Thor Shane Galligan Brooklyn, NY


Where to Watch Legally

  • LogoTV it is available subscribers of specific cable providers including Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS, Roost, Direct TV, Dish Network and many more (comprehensive list available on LogoTV when you attempt to sign-in).
    • NOTE: If you have Charter you are out of luck. After years and years of pleading I have given up.
  • If you are in a similar situation, no live options, then head over towards the big three content providers:

As you can see the pricing is similar. What you need to decide is: which playback device is best.  Not all devices playback in HD, even if you buy in HD.  Some have download option for portable devices while others SD playback on their Television will not see a huge difference for the extra cost.

Run a few tests and see if the HD content is truly worth the extra cost.

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Where to Watch Illegally

  • If you are broke, have access to internet then follow these instructions:
    • Install PlexTV on your computer.
    • Install Unsupported Store (directions here)
    • Activate LetMeWatchThis Channel
    • Search for “Rupaul Drag Race”
    • Save to Favorites
    • Good Luck
  • If you don’t care about malware or spyware running on your computer just go to the various sources on the internet, good luck. The LetMeWatchThis Channel pulls the content from Primewire.

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