Sex in the City and 2016 US Elections

What does the television show “Sex and the City” have in common with the 2016 US Presidential Election?

“Sex and the City” is a series which follows sex columnist, Carrie Bradshaw, and her three friends — Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda — explore Manhattan’s dating scene, chronicling the mating habits of single New Yorkers.

US Presidential Election is an ongoing series, in its 56th season. The characters constantly change and most times it is suspenseful to the very last episodes.  The new season begins immediacy after the prior season has ended.

The television show “Sex and the City” was one of the highest rated shows on HBO next to Sopranos. It was watched by both straight and gay males with a larger demographic of women. But, the men were watching. Even when it went to the TNT with all edits serve a light punch to the populous.

On our couch, love seat, chaise lounge or while in bed we watch “Sex and the City”. We could cheer for Charlotte when she finally realized that the best guy for her is not another WASP with the perfect last name. We celebrated Samantha when she allowed herself to throw off her wig, used one of her many f*cks and become who we expected a tough woman who says what she wants when she wants. We felt the separation pains of Miranda leaving the island of Manhattan to the borough of Brooklyn. Our heart beats simultaneously when Mr. Big was summoned “go get our girl” and held our breaths until the final cell phone call, from John, “NY hear I come”. With merriment we got to see the smile of Carrie as she finally found love and the relationship that was a focus for a half-hour each week for the six season.

For the six seasons we were in our own homes, it was information shared only between my Tivo and me. The men and women could be safe in the secret “Sex and the City” closet. Even on a raining Sunday we could watch episode after episode for hours while we stained our wood, darned our socks or reading the New York Times, financial section.

It was a highly rated television series with demographics across the board. The grand finale of “Sex and the City” received record ratings for HBO. An estimated 10.6 million men and women tuned in to see Sarah Jessica Parker’s character turn down the chance of a new life with her Russian beau in Paris and return to Mr Big.

Then the movie came out … It lost it’s male demographics leaving the domestic box office at $152.6 million.

Wait! “Sex and the City” was more successful internationally (why it had a sequel). It made $262.6 million in the international box office. Almost double the domestic.

Wait! There’s more … DVD & Blu-ray sales made $96.8 million more for the 2008 movie.

$96.8 Million in DVD & Blu-rays is a significant number!  Compare to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” with $45.2 DVD & Blu-ray sales.

Remember how much we loved to watch the television show “Sex and the City”?  Those who enjoyed the series didn’t want to come out to the public theater to view the movie.

They waited and when they can be in the privacy of their home.

How is that like the 2016 Presidential election?

When we get into the privacy of the election booth, we will vote blue. Why because we don’t really want what Trump is selling.

  • We don’t want a President that inspires and motivates others to hate.
  • We don’t want a mocker of people to represent us a President.
  • We don’t want a leader who doesn’t listen.
  • We don’t white privilege to the only life experience our President brings to the position.
  • We don’t want our United States of American to be the global hit sensation “Trump International Reality Show” as we wait for our President to become unhinged.
  • We don’t want our President to build a wall; we want to builds global trade relationships.

At least that is what I am hoping.

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