Stop CC’ing the Boss on Emails

Do you ever loop your boss when having a conversation with a colleague when his or her presence in the thread wasn’t really necessary?

Turns out, many people do this, and your colleague doesn’t find it helpful at all.

“Rampant cc’ing leads workers and managers to squander precious time sorting through unnecessary messages. My research shows it can have another cost: reduced trust. This is ironic, because some people, like Ali, do it in good faith. They believe the benefits of transparency and collaboration outweigh the costs of excess emails. What they may not realize is how all this surplus communication is eroding the very goals they seek to support through their excess collaboration.”

Via Harvard Business Review


David De Cremer is the KPMG professor of management studies at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, where he is the head of the department of Organisational Leadership and Decision-Making.  He’s also a fellow of the Ruihua Innovative Management Research Institute at Zehjiang University, China. He is the author of the book Pro-active Leadership: How to overcome procrastination and be a bold decision-maker and the forthcoming Huawei: Leadership, culture and connectivity.

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