Suggestions To Fix The US Government

The largest piece of tax anyone should pay is the “Local Tax”, then “State Tax” and final “Federal Tax”. It is not the current system.

Currently the “Federal” taxes and various federal agencies decide how much “State” and “Local” is returned in form of requests, programs and grants.

The focus has never been the local, it is time to start changing that . . . with congress. We need solutions that will end corruption in the US Federal Government.

It is time to bring Congress home.

Changes in Congress

Each member of congress should make the medium salary of their constituents.

  • No servant of the people should make more than the people they represent.
  • Which means if the average income of West Virginia is $22,862 any member of congress who represent West Virginia can’t make more than $22,862.
  • Congressional positions are Civil Servant positions, not CEO Board members.

Provide an appropriate sized housing, as civil servants, in a secure building.

  • Washington DC is a place to work. Members of Congress buy million dollar homes in DC, they are investing in the wrong place. They should have a home right in the heart of those they represent.
  • Those who don’t buy/rent a place in DC are sleeping in their offices. That is very unprofessional, especially since those who do so are GOP members.
  • If a member buys a home in DC she/he must resign.
  • If a member buys a second home outside the boundaries of their constituents she/he must resign.
  • If a member changes his/her residency status in any way, she/he must resign.
  • If a member buys more than two homes within the US he/she must resign. Living in more than one place leaves questions as to who they represent.

A round-trip ticket home every weekend, end of session and breaks.

  • It is about time members of congress live with their constituents and see the effect of their votes.

If member of congress that runs for office (new position) they must resign from present position.

  • There will be a special election within 30 days after official announcement.
  • If he/she lost the election (for higher or different position) he/she are able run for the position they resign in next election cycle.

There must be an active constituents office.

  • The member of congress must stop viewing the office on Capital Hill as his/her main office. The local office must be fully staffed and make full use of local staff using technology including VPN, telecommuting and direct access of constituents to major staff.

No car will be used in Washington DC.

  • The Metro (subway and buses) are available within blocks of congress’ offices.
  • There is a private tunnel, including subway, to take members to and from the Capital building.
  • If there is anything that is out of range to public transportation a taxi may be used from the nearest station or bus stop.

If congressional members fear consequences without a proper protection, they can create rules to protect themselves.
If they can’t protect themselves from laws they create why should the average US citizen feel protected by the laws they create.

Term Limits is more important than previous elections.

  • The average age of a senator is 60 and the average age of a member of the House is 55.

There are current congressional members that have been active members of KKK, voted against and took serious action against Civil Rights Act of 1964, voted against Black Americans the right to vote . . . and so much more.


  • There is no reason a member of congress will have to miss out a vote. The technology is there to make sure a vote is casted securely and efficiently. If you can renew your driver license online, so can a member of congress vote.
  • If they do not know how to use a computer . . . training will be provided. But honestly, do you really want a member of congress who can’t check his own email?

Did you know that it is not necessary to vote?
It is not a requirement of any member of congress to vote.
How many times has your representative or senator not voted?

Video Conference

  • There is allot of stuff that members of congress do in DC that have nothing to do with the job at hand. The lobby groups keep your senators and representative quite busy in establishing bills, amendments and other legislative responsibilities.
  • Video Conferencing from local office will free our Congress from lobby groups and have him/her focus on task at hand.

80% of congressional bills are written by 3rd parties and not members of congress.

De-Centralize the Federal Government

U.S. Territorial Map 1790
U.S. Territorial Map 1790

Washington D.C., is the capital of the United States, founded on July 16, 1790. In 1790 the United States was exclusively east of the Mississippi River.

Now . . . the US is stretched out beyond any water boundaries, but DC remains the Capital.

There are hundreds of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies – why do they all have to be in Washington DC? Federal land can be established in all 50 states and new technology can be used for communication and group meetings. Examples:

This not only will create jobs within all 50 states but it will put the government back in the hands of the people – not the lobby groups.

No More Raises

The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees states general plenary powers, versus the limited enumerated powers possessed by the federal government; as a result, they handle the majority of issues most relevant for most individuals within their jurisdiction.

Because state governments lack the power to print currency, they must raise revenue either through taxes or bonds. As a result, state governments tend to impose severe budget cuts at any time the economy is faltering, which are strongly felt by the public they are responsible for.  This is very different for those serving under Federal Taxes . . . Congress give themselves yearly raises.

Track Your Congress