The Best Podcast Covering the NFL

insidethehuddleThe best NFL Podcast doesn’t come from the a fan based of any 32 NFL team nor does it broadcast from any of the 22 states that have NFL teams. The best NFL Podcast is “Inside the Huddle” from London.  Yes, the United Kingdom has the best American Football [NFL] Podcast.

Inside the Huddle” hosts, Neil Reynolds and Jeff Reinbold, tread where Soccer (football) is the number one sport. They explain stats, talk about stradegy, explain why a play worked (or didn’t) and they answer questions from the fans.

hotel.jpgMy favorite episodes are when they tour and take on questions. But, before the fan ask their question they must: Announce their name (First and Last) Their Favorite NFL Team and Why are they NFL fans.

Now before you get all ‘Merica on this I want to point out that watching an NFL game live, across the pond, demands a serious loss of sleep. London is 5 hours ahead of New York which means:

  • 1:00 pm NFL Game it is 6:00 pm in London
  • 4:00 pm NFL Game it is 9:00 pm in London
  • 8:30 pm NFL Game it is 1:30 am in London – (you have to be a fan to watch MNF or TNF)

When the NFL season began in 2015 there are over 6 million individuals, in the UK, who will make lifestyle adjustments and they must pay to watch the games.  No, there isn’t an OTA option to watch any NFL game, no matter how high the anttena is above the rooftop in Edinburgh the telly will not get the NFL broadcast. Which means anyone outside the United States NFL fans has to pay either for costly equipment or a broadcast package. ABC, NBC, ESPN, CBS are exclusive United States broadcast companies.

“… if you tried to talk to people about the sport, or had the nerve to want to watch it, you got funny looks for liking ‘that American crap’. I remember asking to put the Thanksgiving games on at my local pub once and meeting fierce resistance, despite the fact the telly was only showing the [local sports news] loop…” @benhalls

But things are changing, for the better.  NFL fanbase is NOT growing the United States (or extremely slowly), but it is growing in Europe.  In fact; British NFL fans currently live in a golden age with better game coverage than America. The United States has the same old five- or six-strong broadcasts of famous former players and coaches. These sit around laughing about their views on whatever game will be coming up, commentary of players, commentary of player’s diet, sharing recipes — very little said is in-depth analysis or insight; it is mainly broad stroke statements, emotional reactions, and catchphrases. The problem with United States NFL coverage it focusses on only two things: the views of an old boys club, and sap stories.

So, for a change, go and listen to “Inside the Huddle” form Sky Sports.  You might agree with me and all other fans of this podcast.



Neil Reynolds Jeff Reinebold
Neil Reynolds and Jeff Reinebold

Neil Reynolds has covered the NFL as a journalist and broadcaster since 1991. He currently serves as co-host of the NFL coverage on Sky Sports and has also co-presented BBC Radio 5 Live’s coverage of American football. Reynolds has worked for British football magazines Gridiron and First Down and has also written for American organisations such as the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Pittsburgh Post-Press Gazette, NFL.comand the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Jeff Reinebold, a veteran CFL coach, is currently the special teams coordinator for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League. He is a former NFL Europe coach as well as NFL Europe’s Senior Manager of International Player Development. He also coached at University of Hawaii and Southern Methodist Universit. Reinebold is a frequent and well-regarded clinic speaker around the world and appears as an analyst on Sky Sports NFL Playoff telecasts in the United Kingdom.

Itty Bitty Suggestion

  • Dara Kennedy should be part of the podcast. I would like to know her weekly game picks.

Women represent approximately 45% of the NFL fan base, according to Scarborough Research, and approximately 33% of the NFL viewing audience based on Nielsen data. So why isn’t 1/3 of the podcast female.

The NFL fan base is growing because of women, not the men.

Here is Dara Kennedy, Jeff Reinebold and Neil Reynolds live.
Here is Dara Kennedy, Jeff Reinebold and Neil Reynolds live.


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