The Low Carb Myth

The Low Carb Myth
(valued at $13.99) FREE!

Free yourself from carb myths and discover the secret keys that really determine your health and fat loss destiny.

In The Low Carb Myth by Ari Whitten and Dr. Wade Smith, MD, you’ll learn the truth about low-carb diets and what you really need to be doing to lose weight, look great, and be healthy.

You’ll learn…

  • The secret that’s really driving the obesity epidemic (it’s not carbs OR fat)
  • What’s really driving the diabetes epidemic (no, it’s not carbs!)
  • How to break free of carb myths and pseudoscience, and eat carbs again without fear or guilt!
  • How to finally have better health and a leaner body (without the crazy and unsustainable diets!)
  • The secret factors that really control your fat loss destiny (No, it’s not the carb to fat ratio of your diet)

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