Trump’s Failure Will Be His Need for “Yes Men”

Nothing undermines President Trump’s effectiveness like “Yes Men”.

Trump’s ego is too big to be a civil servant and likes to be coddled by his staff, cabinet and appointed personnel. He wants information that reflects positively on himself and nothing too elaborate.

When you are a “Yes Man” the fear expressing dissent is real. Which we have heard is rampant in Trumpland.

Honesty and understanding our divided country is essential for success. However President Trump has decided to take a different approach, to keep the USA divided and make policy changes to be homogeneous United States – white, christian and straight.

We deserve better than a President who wants what “he wants” and “his vision” for 321 million people.

  • We need a President open to persuasion.
  • We need a President who will ask questions of those he collaborates and accept information “as is”.
  • We need a President that will consider the sheer possibility of another person’s perspective, intelligence, or experience being better than own.
  • We need a President to do what it takes to advance goals and achieve strategic outcomes even when someone else has the best approach.
  • We need a President who is willing to learn and not maintain ignorance because surrounds himself with those who see eye to eye all the time.
  • We need a President who is willing to be surrounded by those who do not have their own thoughts and ideas stifled.
  • We need a President who doesn’t believe “not knowing something” as a weakness.
  • We need a President who is curious.

President Trump is so ambitious that he would throw his own staff under the bus for a lousy thumbs up from his sycophants, or so weak willed that he would sacrifice, manipulate and lie just to draw attention away from himself.

President Trump is not acting presidential; his ego is not good for his legacy, his brand and the country.