What Happens to the NFL Player When They Retire?

According to LinkedIn data from over 3,000 former NFL players don’t head straight into sports-related professions. In fact, 48% prefer to be their own boss or be hands-on with customers, working as entrepreneurs, sales and customer management professionals.

Recently retired players are more likely to stay in sports or coaching, while players out of the league for more than 10 years are likely to work with non-profits and smaller organizations per LinkedIn. For those 20 years out of the game, entrepreneurship is the ticket with 31% having their own business compared to 11% for those retired less than five years.

It leaves me wondering about the other 23% who chose “Other”.  Are there any teachers, police officers or politicians?  Why don’t we know what path did almost 1/4th of player’s follow as a post NFL career? Any unlikely heros?

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