Top Three Places to Get Kickstarters Board Games

Sometimes it is not in the budget or tea-leaves to jump on board the latest board game on Kickstarter. After the Kickstarter campaign finished the buzz is loud and you missed the opportunity to get the Kickstarter version and have to settle for the generic retail version.

Here are the top three places to look for Kickstarter games:

3. eBay

Just as fast as a Kickstarter campaign is complete the games are instantly on eBay as a “rare find”. Not cheap but it is available for any desperate buying who wants all the exclusives, deluxe or bundles.

Warning, most Kickstarter bundles on eBay broken down into single items and if you are lucky to get everything … there is a price to pay. Not to mention most Kickstarter bundles are hefty in weight, dimensions and price.

2. BoardGameGeek Market

Not as bad eBay but BoardGameGeek Market has available prototypes, used and new Kickstarters.  Rarely are their individual products but finding the whole bundle is almost a sure thing.

Warning, it is a hit and miss.  Read the fine print and make sure you are not getting the retail version vs kickstarter bundle.  There are terms that are used to explain which bundle you’ll get – but it is not easily deciphered as the board game geek like to think their terminology is superior.  So do your research before you buy.

3. Recess Games

A growing number Kickstarter projects are seeing the value of putting their project on retail shelves. When available, Recess Games backs Kickstarters projects for their customers.

Recess Games backs Kickstarters for their customers.  Therefore; if there is a Kickstarter customer would like Recess Games they simply email and tell James, the owner, which Kickstarter project has your interest – he responds as quickly as possible so that if retail isn’t an option you have time to back it yourself.

All the Kickstarters that have been priced are available for pre-order on their store.

Also, most times, the retail store has it before individual backers (mainly due to shipment).

If you are like me and have received a Kickstarter with dented boxes, it pays to have a pristine product through a retail store.  Ever since I get my Kickstarters from Recess Games all my boxes have been neat and helps my bragging points to gaming groups as they wait for their Kickstarters to be delivered.

Recess Games backed Kickstarters can be viewed Coming Soon or see what is Available Now.

Recess Games Kickstarters

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