X-Wing Hyperspace Trials

The Hyperspace Trials are the broadest level of X-Wing competition that lead to the game’s World Championship. Large events held at qualified retailers, these Hyperspace Trials allow you to meet and compete with players from throughout your region, and—with an invitation to the World Championship on the line—you’ll enjoy a level of competition that’s a step up from the tournaments supported by the game’s Seasonal Kits and Premium Seasonal Kits.

Hyperspace Trials feature an array of other prizes, too, so that you can bet they’ll bring out the ace squad leader in everyone attending. You’ll assemble your top squad for the game’s Hyperspace game mode, and you’ll find yourself up against the Empire’s most disciplined fighter pilots, the Scum faction’s brashest mercenaries, and the Rebellion’s most inspiring heroes. You’ll fly against squadrons that are veterans of numerous battles, and you’ll encounter pilots and strategies hoping to drop out of hyperspace and catch the field completely by surprise.

The result is that the Hyperspace Trials are an excellent opportunity to discover all that is possible within X-Wing, even as you make new friends among the players who have traveled great distances to discover new battlefields.

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